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Each element on this page represents an effort to bring harmony to various local, national and global challenges. The site contains one person's creative endeavors in hopes that it might inspire you to bring similar qualities to yourself, your loved ones, your tribe(s), your community and your relationship with Nature.

The image here is analogous to a farmer's market. Each project represents a booth in a celebratory village of thought and action. Take your time. The content of each booth is more in the "long form" of journalism than the fast sound-bite insufficient-oxygen inhalation style of most web sites.

The few booths which sell something are selling beauty, permanence, understanding, tranquility, play and peace.

The basic storyline for each booth is: silence > love > passion > action.

Garden House photo
Garden House
The Garden House is a private one-bedroom cottage located on Orcas Island (in the San Juan Islands archipelago). Dive in here to learn then book either here or on airbnb.

crystal glaze
Hot Ice Orcas
This is an example of a porcelain dish with a crystal glaze, produced in the Hot Ice Orcas studio on Orcas. Take a virtual tour into the world of crystals.

San Juan Islands
In Perpetuity
The San Juan Islands, like many beautiful places in America (and on the planet), has no defense against human exploitation. "Don't it always seem to go, you don't know what you've got til it's gone, they paved Paradise and put up a parking lot" (Joni Mitchell). Read what has happened, is happening, and what will happen without an unprecedented dose of wisdom, restraint and love.

Potholes in Paradise
$8.95 pdf available from the author or $9.95 as an iBook available at the iBookstore.

Potholes in Paradise, at 210 pages, is a humorous, heartfelt and at times heart-rending exploration of the people, places and ideas that comprise Orcas Island, "Gem of the San Juans", located north of Puget Sound in Washington State. More....
Centripetus Corporation
Doe Bay Net is an information resource created by Centripetus Corporation to promote specific initiatives and organizations central to its mission. Centripetus (from the latin, meaning "toward the center") operates within the Doe Bay area of Orcas Island, Washington.

Electrical energy paradigm shift via Negawatt Media
Negawatt Media
Negawatt Media's mission is to accelerate America's change to sustainable electricity. You can help this social entrepreneurial enterprise with your knowledge and ideas: here's how.

Island Stewards
Island Stewards

Island Stewards, a non-profit 501(c)(3), has as its mission to incubate and support organizations, projects, and programs dedicated to sustainable environmental stewardship.

ESI Exeter

Following the tradition of David v Goliath, a small band of climate and economy change visionaries takes on the elite east coast private school system at both the prep school and college/university level. A slow slog to change institutions whose primary mission is to demonstrate and inculcate leadership in its alumni and, by extension, the nation. Whether you attended such schools, you can weigh in on the vision of this initiative.

Push Open and Come in

Grab a comfy chair and prepare to browse, read, and contemplate.

Looking for Doe Bay Resort? They are at "": Doe Bay Resort.

Looking for Orchard Falls Farm? You can find it at Orchard Falls Farm. Note however that it is currently booked by a long term client, so there is no immediate availability. Of course, when availability returns, this notice will be quickly changed!

Doe Bay is a tiny community on the east end of Orcas Island, which itself is located in the San Juan Islands, an archipelago west of Bellingham, north of Seattle, in the confluence of the Rosario Straits and the Straits of Juan de Fuca.

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