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Garden House photo
Garden House
The Garden House is a private one-bedroom cottage located on Orcas Island (in the San Juan Island archipelago).

crystal glaze
Hot Ice Studio
This is an example of a porcelain dish with a crystal glaze, produced in the Hot Ice Studio on Orcas. Take a virtual tour into the world of crystals.

Potholes in Paradise
Available from the author

Potholes in Paradise, at 210 pages, is a humorous, heartfelt and at times heart-rending exploration of the people, places and ideas that comprise Orcas Island, "Gem of the San Juans", located north of Puget Sound in Washington State. More....

Electrical energy paradigm shift via Negawatt Media
Negawatt Media
Negawatt Media's mission is to accelerate America's change to sustainable electricity. You can help this social entrepreneur enterprise with your knowledge and ideas: here's how.

Centripetus Corporation
Doe Bay Net is an information resource created by Centripetus Corporation to promote specific initiatives and organizations central to its mission. Centripetus (from the latin, meaning "toward the center") operates within the Doe Bay area of Orcas Island, Washington.

Looking for Doe Bay Resort? They are at "doebay.com": Doe Bay Resort.

Looking for a Pet Sitter on Orcas? You can find one at Orcas Pet Sitting

Doe Bay Water Users Association, the local private water utility for the Doe Bay area of Orcas Island.

San Juan County Comprehensive Plan Information Resource, containing information on the critical land use planning issues for San Juan County, Washington.

Population Growth in all Washington State Counties from 1970 to 2007

Joe Bond Memorial Service, January 2002, Olga Cemetary.

Looking for Orchard Falls Farm? You can find it at Orchard Falls Farm. Note however that it is currently booked by a long term client, so there is no immediate availability. Of course, when availability returns, this notice will be quickly changed!

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