Stipulated Data SJC CP remand 2000

The following paragraph is extracted from testimony presented to the San Juan County Planning Commission on October 19, 2001, regarding omissions to the comprehensive plan. (page 2 of testimony), by Joe Symons

"But inscrutability is more than just inaccuracy. It is also the failure to extract, from tables, information that has some real significance. To illustrate this, I have included 7 pages of tables, as Exhibit 5, which were produced by the planning department in order to generate information for a stipulated order pursuant to a request that Maile Johnson and I made regarding our need for data. We had asked for this data all during the CP remand period during 2000; data on buildout, data which was available through the county's GIS system. SJC failed to produce this data during the public review process, and only produced it via the stipulated order when they feared that our introduction of their own GIS data into the record would be accepted by the WWGMHB."

Note: one of those tabular pages is index 260166. This and the other 6 pages was part of the legal challenge. None is presented, much less explained, in the Comprehensive Plan.