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Gary Sisson, Furniture and Cabinet Maker

Gary Sisson Gary Sisson, Orcas Cabinetmakerlives just up the road from the Garden House. He's a fantastic cabinet maker; generally he does only custom work for all the high end houses being built here. He used to be a boat builder, and he makes furniture when asked. He's got a whole portfolio of cabinets, hutches, frames, many made in the old style hand built look, with solid or glass doors. The whole nine yards. All of it perfect.

Here's a sweet little high chair High Chairthat he made for a family on Orcas. The legs were all turned by hand on a lathe; the seat, solid Douglas Fir, from a local mill. The tray latch mechanism was designed by local blacksmith and artist Tim Simonian.

Here's another view, which includes the tray. High Chair Since I took these photos in his shop, you get the flavor of the place. Want more details on this chair? Give him a call. He only builds a few pieces a year, since everything is done by hand, and everything is done absolutely right, or it becomes fuel for the wood stove (just to the right of the picture). He'll also talk to you, find out any details about the child you have in mind, about the kind of wood you might like, about the floor the chair is going on, about the other wood in your home. This chair is not made somewhere by the thousands and marketed here. You get only real, local, handmade, solid, perfect, American stuff. It's not cheap. It's built to last for generations. It says something solid and traditional.

Otherwise, try Fisher-Price at Toys R Us.

Gary Sisson, Mt. Pickett Woodworking. 360-376-2449

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