Why Contribute?

Which of these categories most reflects your position?

You guys are probably right, of course, but...

i don't care; don't bother me about this. it's your thing. we all have our thing. it's not my thing.

you--we--I can't have any impact. don't bother to try.

Even tho I think you are doing the right thing, I don't have time to even read this much less do anything. Just keep doing what you're doing and good luck!

Sure it's important but, gosh, so many things are. Why should I support this appeal project? what about starving kids? Indian earthquakes? global warming?

it'll never happen. stop whining. this whole web site sound like chicken little. the sky is not falling.

i'm just too tired.

You guys are right. I didn't realize what was going on. I support the protection of my future and thank you for bringing it to my attention.

This is not just your project; rather, it is my project as well. I live here. I care about what has happened, what is happening, and what will happen. I know that not participating means that others will decide for me. I know that not deciding is deciding. I am busy but everyone is. I know that if I were told I had a life-threatening illness, i'd make some very quick changes, so I know I am capable of making decisions when the stakes seem personally important. I realize that my quality of life here, including my sense of community and the taxes I pay, will be substantially affected by the permissions created in the comp plan. I want to know more about what those permissions are and I want to affirm my agreement, or disagreement, with the broad scope, and perhaps even some of the details, of those permissions. I realize that I can inform myself about those permissions and that the task of self-informing takes time and energy, and I am willing to honor myself in terms of my own future and my position in that future by making that time and energy investment now. I want my voice to be heard. I want my sense of why I came here and why I stay here to be consciously reflected in my own behavior and, if I am in the majority, that of the decisions made by others that will directly and personally affect me.

I know that whatever happens, it will cost me money. If I let others decide, and they choose to allow the county to grow to 4 times or more its present size, my taxes will go up dramatically--that is for certain. If I oppose the growth now allowed in the comp plan, It will cost me money, now, to contribute to the appeal and other efforts to reduce the total growth of the county. Either way I will pay. In one case, I will pay by default, and likely grumble about it, while I wait in ever longer ferry lines and have to take very expensive steps to preserve what little water I've got left in my well. In the other case, I will pay now because I am making an investment in my own future and in the attempt to preserve the quality of life I came here to enjoy.

It's your choice

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